Suicide Cleanup Edmond, OK

Suicide Cleanup Edmond, OK

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) provides the following data:
• Suicide ranks tenth as a common cause of death in the United States. Suicide cleanup involver the remediation of commercial and residential properties that have been contaminated with blood and other bodily fluids.

• 44,965 people die from suicide each year.
• The national suicide rate is 13.42 per 100,000.
• Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death in Oklahoma with a suicide rate of 20.94 per 100,000.

Sadly, these rates are on the rise. There are few tragedies that devastate families and communities in the way that suicide does. Survivors are left to experience a complex combination of emotions that include shock, remorse, anger, guilt, and isolation.

During the immediate aftermath following a suicide, family and friends may converge on the location where the suicide took place to coordinate with the police and medical personnel. Once the body has been removed, the loved ones will begin to comfort one another and attempt to comprehend what has taken place. Generally, a police officer or Emergency Medical Technician will recommend that the family contact a company specializing in suicide cleanup in Edmond OK.

The suicide cleanup company will quickly arrive on site. These well-trained professionals understand that their job is to extend compassion and competency to the situation. While this may be the first time that many of the friends and family members have experienced such an event, the suicide cleanup company will bring their extensive experience and quiet caring to the situation.

Companies offering suicide cleanup in Edmond OK understand that their primary mission is to remove all hazardous organic materials that are readily visible and those that are not easily seen. Using specialized tools, products, and processes these professionals can thoroughly decontaminate the scene of all biohazards.

Teams are trained in the best practices related to the removal and disposal of all material that could pose health risks. Even more importantly, they understand that their mission is to restore the location to its previous condition so that there are not reminders of the tragedy that took place there and healing can begin for family and friends.

This is difficult and demanding work. It requires deep knowledge of laws and regulations, attention to detail, and subject matter expertise in all aspects of suicide cleanup. In addition to these technical skills, these professionals must be comfortable and skillful arriving onto a scene where friends and family of the deceased are distraught and confused. They must gracefully balance being sensitive to the intense emotions that are in play onsite while tending to the business at hand.

The professionals who perform suicide cleanup in Edmond OK understand the critical role that they play in the midst of the tragedy of suicide. The need for these professional services, regrettably, appears to be only increasing.


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